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Services and Amenities

The APBHR continues to offer a unique Service both here in the United States as well as internationally!        Papers are issued on half-bloods, grades and crosses of light horse breeds. Horses that have at least one full-blooded, registered parent are eligible for registration as half-bloods.  A cross breed would have both parents full-blooded, but of different breeds, both registered, such as a Morgan/Quarter Horse Cross.

     There are no size, age or color restrictions. A picture is required to clarify markings and to show off your handsome animal!  Many are shown as "Our Family".

     We often receive referrals from the AMHA as well as several other popular breed registries.

  • Every State in the USA

  • Germany

  • Canada

  • Belgium

  • Australia

Leading Countries Serviced

57 different breeds

Some of our more unusual breeds:

  • Swedish Warmblood

  • Morocco Spotted

  • Icelandic Pony

  • Bashkir Curly

  • Connemara

  • Lipizzaner

  • New Forest

  • Haflinger

  • Andalusion

  • French Trotter

  • New Zealand Pony

  • Trakehner

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